The following information explains what we do with the information you give us.

IB Solutions Website servers do not store any user information. The only thing we store is user votes, which are anonymous.

What information is collected?

Through the use of third party scripts, IB Solutions Website tracks user anaytics through Google Analytics. This data is anonymous, it can't be tracked to a certain user on the website.
Third party scripts (such as advertisments or websites that we link to) can collect and store user data other then what we specify here, but we are unable to control their behaviour.


Many people use cookies. Cookies are small files of information which are stored on your computer. Web sites you visit ask your computer to store this information and retrieve it from your computer so that they can keep track of things like other web sites you visit. If you click on an advertisement to go through to the advertiser's site, they may also use cookies and unfortunately we don't have any control over what they use their cookies for. If you don't want to receive cookies there are things you can do on your computer to stop them being used but you may find that some bits of our website don't function properly or are slower.

How we look after your information

We make sure that all the information we hold on you is as safe as possible. You should be responsible when giving out your information on the internet. Make sure that you are careful when you visit our site in a public place like an internet cafe. We can only be responsible for your information when it is received on our computers not whilst it is in any intermediate environment.

When do we give information you provide us to other people?

We never give your information to anyone outside of our company.